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I'm the happy owner of a Fuze and a Clip Zip, but lately I've been wishing I could have my full collection with me on my player.  That's currently about 200GB.  I like to be able to listen to anything I think of when I'm in the mood, and sometimes I like to shuffle the entire collection to bring up hidden treasures I'd forgotten about.


So I've come back to Head-Fi to read about what's available.  I read that the iBasso DX50 can actually mount a USB stick via USB in the go.  Since reliable 256GB sticks actually exist (unlike 256GB microSD cards) and since USB sticks are cheaper than microSD cards, I thought this was a promising solution for me.  


Is the DX50 the only player that can handle USB On The Go? It's not really mentioned in the specs for any players, that I can see, but a DX50 reviewer shows it set up and says he uses it.  (Someone asked this same question in a Head-Fi thread and someone else replied, but later he deleted his replies for some reason.)


The only other way I see to get 256GB is to put two 128GB cards into a dual slot player like an X5.  Are there other dual slot players?  But two 128GB volumes, whether in microSD slots or USB OTG devices, wouldn't let me shuffle through the whole collection.


Any information will be much appreciated. 

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