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Cabling Advice (I'm a noob forgive me)

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First time posting in the DIY forum; just need some quick advice. I'm replacing the cabling on my Sennheiser PX360s I think I've found something suitable (As I'm looking for something more durable). I'm just wondering how much the cable would change the impedance/sound of my phones. (Most of the time they will be driven by a dedicated amp or studio equipment. Anyway here they are Click Me! .


Thanks in advance. James.

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IMO, the recabling will have very little effect on the sound quality. If you want really solid durability, one option might be to find a pro-grade mic cable, for example one with two signal wires and an external shield, the type of cabling usually used for studio equipment with XLR connections. Just use the two signal wires for L and R channels and use the shield as the common ground. For pure build qualitz, plonk a professional stereo 6.5mm plug on it if you tend to use it on more pro equipment than iPods. You can use your headphones in trench warfare after this recabling. ;)

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Occasional they will get used on really high end DACs etc. Although; the headphones are mainly just used for travelling. Furthermore, there is very little room to solder (the circuit board cannot be removed) so using a thick TRS/XLR style cable may be hard to fit (also the gauge of the wire may be very impractical!) Any more ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I mean something along these lines:




I would look at something like W2552 from the second link. It's reasonably thin and lightweight, and should be electrically better (the capacitance, while not super duper low, should be much lower than what you currently have). Lower capacitance means you can have a longer run of cable without risking giving your amp trouble.

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Ah sorry, I didn't see your reply before I posted the above. Yeah, I don't know if a 5mm diameter cable will work for you, but there are ways of widening the cable entrance, like drilling a hole...

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Thanks, I think I'm just going to get something that's individually shielded; as I said the headphones aren't great it's just the cable is super thin. As for drilling a hole I'm not sure I'm not quite up to that yet (I'm incredibly clumsy, having melted the inside of the cups with my soldering iron already!). Thanks for your help; It's appreciated seeming I would bet I'm one of the youngest members on head-fi.

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Heh, we all went through that learning process with a soldering iron. The more you do it, the better you'll get, I promise. :)


But yeah, if the cables aren't breaking already, I wouldn't personally invest much effort in replacing the cable, to be honest... As you said, for travelling, a fat mic cable wouldn't be very practical.

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