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Console headset recommendations

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Hey all,

I've decided I want to buy a good headset for gaming and i'll appreciate any help since this is a new unfamiliar area for me.

The games I usually plays are FPS,3rd person shooters\hack and slash on my PS3 \ XBOX360. No RPG,MMO or PC games.

I also don't play online games so the mic quality is not an issue for me either.

Both the PS3 and my XBOX360 are connected to  Denon Amplifier.

My budget is around 100$ and if its possible I prefer a 5.1\surround headset.

I hope i've gave enough details :)

Thanks for the assistance.

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I did a little research and came across these two headsets:

Turtle Beach PX22 and Turtle Beach X Ray.

I know the PX22 is a stereo headphone while the last is surround support.

Are the surround support headphones are any good? Does it really feels like a surround sound or it'll be more clever to invest in a good stereo headphones?

Does anyone head any experience with these headphones and can share is opinion about them?

Thanks again :)

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Hey all,

So after a lot of research I've narrow the list for these three :

Turtle Beach PX22

Afterglow Wireless Headset

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Headset


I don't really care if its wireless\wire. All I care about is the sound.

I'll appreciate any opinion that will help me decide with one to choose.

Thanks :)

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Have you already seen this list and guide: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-3-29-2014-ultrasone-hs-15-added-edits

Most head-fier's believe that good headphones can generally provide a better SQ experience than gaming headsets.
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I took a quick look at mad-lust-envys post (my workplace internet is blocking some of the links) and for what I saw the CAL can be a worthy candidate. I miss a comparison between the CAL headphones and the one I've listed (PX22, Siberia V2 and Afterglow) with all got great reviews. I check amazon and saw that the CAL has 1.5 m cable (pretty short for gaming headphone I believe) but it's not a deal breaker.

One more question I have after doing some reading. Both my PS3 and XBOX360 are connected to a Denon amp (as described at the start of my post). Do I need to buy an external amp (like Mixamp) to make the headphone support Dolby sound  will the Denon (AVR1612) can do the job just fine?
Thanks again for all the help. Really appreciate it :)

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I do not believe that your Denon AVR has Dolby Headphone, but check your manual.
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A friend of mine gave me the CAL and the Audio-Technica AD700 to try out. Both of them have great sound (the AD700 are comfortable) and I wonder if they are better then let say Turtle Beach PX22 or the Afertglow wireless...

I don't really need a mic cause i'm not playing online FPS (or any other online game) and that why i'm more interested in game experience headphone\set.

Also, did someone tried a Dolby Headphone? Are they worth the extra money or any other good stereo headphone\set will just be good enough?

Thanks again :)

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