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Abyss Owner Buys Beats by Dre Studio's!

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"(Beats Studio 2.0) Do not suck by a large margin" says Abyss AB-1266 headphones owner who goes by username "part time audiophile" on YouTube.

After watching part time audiophiles beats videos, I couldn't help but agree with pretty much everything he said, and I've thought along his lines for some time now but found it refreshing for someone to come out with it, albeit against the grain of the audiophile community at large.

Be interested to hear people's opinions of this guys view point regarding beats, and whether old prejudices still exist or not...are beats still the whipping boy of audiophiles, and if so, is it outdated?
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I guess I understand some of the functionality being better. The rechargeable battery aspect still sucks. However one of the problems with these headphones is that it never competed well for its price range. I have not heard the new ones so maybe they have change but just looking at headphones that hover in the $100-$300 range you can buy the KEF M500, Mad Dogs, Other T50rp mods, Logitech UE6000, AKG K550 (I picked up one of these for $130 bnib), Grados, AKG K701/Q701, Fidellio X1, a couple of sennheiser models, a couple of audio technica models, Sony M1DR1, Vmoda M80 and M100, ETC. 


I even modded a pair of Grado SR60is (wood cups, spc cable, new pads, a couple of driver modifications) for a grand total of $110 including the headphones and they sound amazing with an tube amp. I am guessing the beats could never touch that in sq.


The real problem ends up being that there are too many headphones that compete at its price range and sound a lot better (or at least used to sound a lot better). The bass was also overwhelming on the older headphones to me.

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They look a lot better.. But, IMO, the drivers are poor. I heard 200.00 headphones that better the Beats by a good margin.

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Personally I like beats and own quite a few pairs. Beats headcans are how I got into this headcan hobby, my starting point if you like, so they will always have a place in my collection.

Beats cans such as the mixr series have been very well received for their build quality but more importantly, their vastly improved sound signature, which I guess the closest can they are similar to is the v-moda m100, though the latter is more refined.

Beats are overpriced as a product, but they are also regarded as a lifestyle brand which seems to be how they get away with what they charge due to the cool effect which seems to work quite spectacularly for them.

Clearly beats don't operate in the "super-fi" headcan market, but IMO the old bandwagon prejudices are very old and not warranted, which was the purpose of the thread after stumbling across part time audiophiles video, who summed up my thoughts.

Pity beats have been polarized so heavily from the headcan enthusiasts sites, but doubt dre and company are bothered judging by their pay cheques - I read dre gets something in the line of $10 million USD alone off beats per annum - hell of a lot more than he makes from music producing.

I tend to use beats for portability when out and about, though not exclusively, as LCD-X's, HD800's just aren't made for that type of use and I'd be terrified to scratch the glossy earcups of my Fostex TH900's if I were ever to venture outside with them biggrin.gifsmily_headphones1.gif
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strictly talking about sound quality ,joy of music so to say ,plus not to miss transparency clarity ;
which of the two ??
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There is a special level of Hades for those that resurrect a year old thread from a banned member...

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oh i missed seeing that 

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