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DvD Audio Extractor extracting Blue Ray disc

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I read a couple updates back you are now able to rip Blu Ray disc to flac using DvD Audio extractor...I'm thinking in order for this you would need to use a Blu Ray DvD combo reader ...it makes sense after buying a blu ray audio disc and failed to rip the disc just using a DVD burner.tried many times but just wasn't thinking....if anyone care to add a comment well I'm listening ....
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Do you mean audio from a Bluray movie? I don't know DvD Audio extractor but it probably lacks the ability to decrypt the disc. If so then use DVDfab or AnyDVD to copy the decrypted movie from the bluray disc first.

See http://dvdae.com/support/faq/10
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What it is is high fidelity 24/96 blu ray Audio no video .. I thought I'd try it out and see if the quality is the same as DvD audio I used blu ray decrypter on my desk top which has a blu ray reader then I used dvd audio extractor to extract the music from the file made from the decrypter and I found out it's just plain crap compared to dvd audio. In the first place it was only 4.0 and the volume if you turn the volume knob to two you could hardly hear anything compared to dvd audio which starts to blast at two ,over all it was a disappointment maybe I'll give it one more try if the blu ray is 5.1. even the critics said the blu ray of Supertramp breakfast in America was poorly constructed I should have listened but when it comes to HD music you can only buy what is available....Only bonus was HD blu ray decrypter was $38 dollars if you decrypt videos there is a cap at 3 gb anything over then you have to buy the software to decrypt the disc but with music your under there cap and the software works fine for free.
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You can do this whole conversion with free software.

You can use MakeMKV + dtsdecoderdll.dll from TMT to losslessly convert DTS-MA and TrueHD to FLAC.

You can then use MKVToolnix to remove the unwanted Video and just leave the chapters and FLAC audio. Then load in to Foobar and you can split the FLAC in to tracks if you need to.
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