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I'm looking for a pair of IEM's that isolate a moderate to good amount and, of course, offer good sound quality.  I mainly listen to music through my home stereo, and I have a pair of JVC HARX700 with the felt removed and a mic attached for teamspeak/vent sessions, so the IEM's would be used only sparingly for stuff like mowing the lawn or road trips.  My budget is up to ~$100, but I'd like to keep it a bit lower if possible.  Source would be a Creative Zen for now, but replaced with a Sandisk Sansa Clip+/Zip fairly soon.


I have a pair of 6 year old Sennheiser PX-100's which I really, really like, but they don't isolate, so IEM's it is.  And while I may be open to other sound signatures, something similar to the PX-100 would be a safe bet for my tastes in music.  Sound quality is my first concern followed by isolation.  Also, I don't want something with a mic, as TRRS plugs don't play nice with my computer's or Creative Zen's headphone ports.


I just recently purchased the Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3 since I caught a small sale on them, but I'm finding that their sound signature is not doing a whole lot for me.  I find the mids are too pronounced and the bass is a little lacking for my tastes, however the highs seem good.  So back to amazon they go.


If I can't find an IEM similar to the PX-100, I guess a good starting place to try would be something warmer and less mid emphasis than the Aurvana.  And non harsh highs are a requirement.


As far as music genres go, I mostly stick to ska punk/punk rock, various rock/metal, and alternative, sprinkled with stuff like chip tunes, video game/anime music.  Favorite band would probably be Reel Big Fish, though I'm not really digging their more recent albums.  Other bands I'm currently listening to: The Heavy, Cage the Elephant, Eric McFadden Trio, and Gogol Bordello.


One of the tracks I use for comparison purposes is this, Ragna's Theme: Rebellion 
The master isn't the cleanest (even when ripped directly from the game/ost), but if I can't rock to that, then the headphone isn't for me.


Thanks for taking the time to read and/or respond!

Note: With the Creative Aurvana In Ear 3's I noticed I was getting a fair amount of hiss when plugged into my comptuer, creative zen mp3 player, and even my HTC One phone.  The line noise was so much on my computer that I could hear the effects of the components like the fans were having on the signal.  However, with my Sennheiser's or JVC's, I don't hear any of that.  Is that a strictly a function of the difference headphone impedance (32/48ohms for the Senn/JVC vs 28 for the IE3), or does sensitivity factor in?  Or maybe the older mp3 player and my computer's front audio ports just suck.