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I'm planning on purchasing the Hifiman HM-901 portable music player and the Unique Melody Miracles custom IEMs. I don't want to break my dad's back (I'm 17) on pricey kit if the portable amp/dac I get sucks. I'm kind of dead set on the player (ruled out the AK120 on comparative SQ) and the earphones (not a basshead so the JH13s might have become an irritant), but I still need an equally outstanding amp/dac or even amp & dac (I can wear shorts).

The biggest contender is the Centrance Hifi M8 LX, although I'm not sure if it's even compatible with the Hifiman, something about USB or TOSLINK, remember I'm a newb, so go easy please. Also, since I'm never gonna use the Hifiman for anything other than my IEMs and portablility is key (I can only sit still in front of a computer), I'm thinking the Hifiman with the IEM Amplifier Card.

So please any suggestions and info on the Hifiman's compatability would be greatly appreciated.


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