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Hello everyone so ever since I got into this audiophile headphone world I have been trying to learn and study sounds from different headsets and trying to figure out what to say when their sounds are different and using the right terms for it.


So last night I went back to my home town and dug out some headphones which were the Razer Carcharias headset and the Philip SHM7410, I decided to take a seat and listen to these headphones carefully. I use my HD 558 as a reference to these two, just so I can remind my self what instrument or vocal should sound like. I listened to Lost in Love by Air supply and I noticed that the razer one sounded fuller but the treble was just horrible as it could not handle the clashing of the cymbals making the sound break like sparks. 


The philips one could handle the cymbal but more importantly it reproduced all the sounds more accurately than the razer one the only down side to it is that the soundstage is not that good but it's bass is much better than razer's./ Here the weird part, the Philip SHM7410 is much much cheaper than the razer Carcharia. both have mics on them but the cheapest one sounds the best for music. I'll see if I can add anything else later while I am still listening to these two, in the mean time it'll be nice to see if anyone can give me their own impression if you own any of these headphones.