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Amps for my HD 600.....

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Is the extra 20 dollars on the vali amp worth it, or should I just pair the Modi Dac with the Magni amp?

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It's nto a question of whether that $20 is worth it from a more objective standpoint, but whether you subjectively prefer the sound of vacuum tubes.

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So I should probably start out with the Magni?

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Vali sounds great with the HD600.  I have the combo. I've not had a tube amp but I think the Vali, from reading the pages and pages of the Vali thread, is not supposed to be overly tubey or warm. It is a hybrid tube/SS amp after all. The Magni is supposed to be brighter and a better match for the darker 650. However, both amps are highly regarded at the price point. A lot of happy people have one or the other or both. I really enjoy mine. 

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Thank you! I will probably get the magni....

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