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Which Headphone is next on your "To Buy" list? - Page 6

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It will probably be a few years before I upgrade my headphones next, but once I do, I'm considering something along the lines of Sennheiser HD 800, Oppo PM1, Beyerdynamic T1 or Hifiman HE-560.
The final choice will be whichever compliments my HD 650's best and plays nicely with BH Crack (which will most likely be my next head-fi related purchase.)
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Sennheiser HE60. As soon as a decent one pops up for sale I'm on it. Providing I can still happily pay for one. Probably should get an electrostat amp too.

Maybe a Stax amp and earspeaker combo... old lambda perhaps?


Feeling that electrostat urge...

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LCD-2, I wanted them from the start but couldn't afford, but have recently had extra money and my he-500 that I settled for instead of the LCD-2 still have a 30 day money back guarantee.


I'm gonna do that then buy LCD-2 instead, even though the freq. response of the 500 is very "flat" I'm quite treble sensitive so it gets tedious and fatiguing sometimes.

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1) HD800


2) TH-900 for a closed and to compliment my D2000


Not going down the Hifiman and Audeze road again.


SR-007 mk1 and SR-009 are an option, but most likely to not happen as at $10,000, I can invest a bit more and get some TOTL monitors, e,g. ATC, Genelec

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Saving up for Senn Momentum headphones

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HD 630VB




One of those two.

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1) Shure SE215 and good desk headphone amp/DAC.

2) Some 3M E-A-R Classic cylindrical expanding foam earplugs or any other 33-NRR expanding foam earplugs to make homemade tips out of.

3) A good portable music player and a good portable headphone amp/DAC.

Basically, the SE215s with the earplug mod would be meant to replace my entire current headphone fleet, as it would be both used at home, to block out any unwanted noise while listening to whatever, and on-the-go to block out the bus engine on the commute to work or whatever, while also not having to be cranked as loud because of the isolation from the outside world that such a combo would provide.
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Tempted to get koss esp-950 for its comfort and vocal.
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Most likely a T1. I'm not in a hurry, though.
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