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Originally Posted by UNIFi View Post

Totally love EDM as well as Progressive Rock and Prog Metal. They were my dream headphones from endless forum reading, boy was I happy with the sound once I got them! Keep saving up! You will not be disappointed!


My favorite EDM acts are


Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Shpongle, Pendulum, Skream, Xenomorph, Toi Doi, Justice, Daft Punk, Loscil, Massive Attack, Thriftworks, Metaform, Astral Projection, Mind.In.A.Box, Assemblage 23, Front Line Assembly, Nine Inch Nails, Noisia, Oceanlab, Ed Harrison, The Orb, Hallucinogen, Phantogram, Russ Liquid, Gramatik, VNV Nation, Tricky, Savant, 4 Hero, Dom & Roland, Optical, LTJ Bukem, Omni Trio, A Guy Called Gerald, Photek, Submotion Orchestra, Sonic Wave Control, Synthetic Ephiphany, Future Sound of London, Crystal Method, Purity Ring, Freaky Mind + Many More!



For only your EDM music, do you prefer the Ultrasone or Fostex? If you could only keep one, which would it be?

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Got to be the HE-560. Sounds like a good upgrade to the HE-500 and it looks more efficient from the specs. 

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I'm very interested in the Sennheiser HD8 DJ and Beyer T70 p, but I probably won't be upgrading for a while. Both are *very* cool!
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I've got a comparison of both in the Signature DJ thread - or you can pm me for more information. I'd keep the Sig DJ for my stuff as well as the incredible ability to double as a portable.

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Superlux HD681, im just starting... :ksc75smile:

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I already have Beyerdynamic A1/t1 combo, Denon AH-D600 and Beyerdynamic P50. Waiting for my DT1350-80 to arrive.


I Plan to add a Hifiman HE-560 once they are out for something completely different, and hope the A1 can drive them comfortably.

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Probably either Senn HD650 or used Denon D2000/5000, and an amp. I doubt I'll ever get into real summit-fi stuff, I just want good reliable headphones and an amp that pairs well with them. And good IEMs, maybe Westone 3s. On the other hand, ask again in a couple of years and I'll probably be wanting a Stax 'phones/amp combo or something.. 

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Probably the AKG K712 or the Sennheiser HD 600 in a few months, still debating.


In the long run I am aiming for the AKG K812 as it thoroughly impressed me and it's one of the only headphones that gave me the "this is what I am aiming for" feeling, the other headphones being far too expensive and/or rare for me to even consider.

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HD600...One day...

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Quite a few TH900 people here! I'm getting a loan of them from the Cable Company. Made sense, since I have the Fostex A8 DAC/amp and it's supposed to be a dream match with it. I have enough credits that either that or the HE-560 will soon be in my possession at a nice discount. If they don't work, I might just say screw it and go all in on the Stax.

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1. HD25-1 ii

2. LCD 2 rev 2....one day...

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He-500 , then the Alpha Dogs (maybe not even that if I like the He-500's more.)


Now, I have the money I have to make the choice. 

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I have to jump on the Audeze train in the future.



I want to see how they compare to my HE-500.

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Originally Posted by TWerk View Post


Mine is the Fostex TH-600. I love my D2000, and hear the Fostex is just better.


As I have a thing for downgrading as much as upgrading, I was curious to hear if the D2000 could replace my TH-600. FYI, you will very likely be pleasantly surprised at the head and shoulders difference between the two. D2000 can't compete. TH-600 used prices are getting better and better. You there yet?


The PS-500 is one of the last I definitely like to try. A bit wary that it will be too forward or bright for me.

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Trying to decide between the HD650 and HD700...

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