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In a Facebook competition titled 'My Ireland, My area' run by Languages Initiative I uploaded my video and now need your votes in order to win. The winner will be the one with the most votes (deadline is 30th March). The rules are to create a 15 second video describing your area, in a language other than English or Irish, so I did it in Russian (but the video has English subtitles), it is the only video with this language. In order to vote all you need is a Facebook account and few moments of your time.

- Please support me, a fellow Head-Fi'er. The steps are:

(1) Follow link
(2) Like their Page (you can dislike straight after you vote)
(3) Scroll down and vote for my video, with the name 'Svyatoslav Zherelin'

- Please share this with people you know.

Thank you for your support! I appreciate it a lot! 



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