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I'm basically looking for earphones I can also use for walking to my commute, subway, jogging, with the least amount of microphonics. The sound of the cord moving against my shoulder/neck, basically every step I take, is quite irritating. Preferably below $100 or $200 for higher end.


My old Shures broke down/past warranty. Their connection cord either breaks easily or are sensitive to movement (I don't believe I'm treating them that roughly). I'm not crazy about the sports looking ones where I have to loop plastic hoop thingies around my ear, I'm just comfortable with and used to how shure ones fit, but would like to try something else.


I tried looping the Etymotic ER4p (which also has braided cords but boy was the cord noise especially horrible!) around the ear, but it didn't work out that well since the buds are a bit long and stick out at an awkward angle. Maybe the cord noise is also the loudest here because they go inside my ear further than most.


Any suggestions highly appreciated. Yes to noise isolation and yes to some bass (but not ridic bass). I was always happy with Sony earbuds, but I'm not sure which of them are designed to be looped behind the ear.

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