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Beats Mixr vs. V-moda M-80

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Hi guys I'm thinking about buying a gift for little brother and I was wondering which one to get. I know you guys really really don't like beats in anyway, shape, or form but it would help a lot if someone can give me a professional comparison for these. My little brother is a Top 40 hit list junkie and a little bit of a bass head. Thank you in advance!
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The mixr is to flashy for using outside in my opinion
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I haven't tried the beats so can't provide a comparison.


But M-80s are a very nicely designed portable headphone

with satisfying bass response.  It's an on-ear design, but

the earpads are so soft I still found them to be comfortable.

I don't think he could go wrong with these.  

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Thanks for the replies guys, I ended up buying him the XS with a my own custom design after it came out. Proud to say that he really really like it haha. I'll probably post some picture of it soon.
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