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Pioneer SE-MX9

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Pioneer has unveiled a new range of "high-end, Superior Club Sound" headphones, with dance music lovers being the target market. The new range comprises two over-ear models and two in-ear models.


The flagship over-ear model; the SE-MX9, features two, newly designed 50 mm drivers. Pioneer has also borrowed technology from its professional HDJ range. The company claims they offer "tantalising trebles and powerful bass".



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OMG- can u says "beats pro?" I knew you could. 

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The non-flagship model looks a lot like the STEEZ flagship model...  Has the same bass adjustment too... 

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the whites look amazingly sexy.... now the more important question: how do they sounddd?

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Review now up -




Hifiheadphone Verdict

"These are one of those headphones I like more and more the longer I wear them - power combined with clarity makes everything sound fun and engaging without clutter or fuss. Build quality is great and the ear pads suit me as I can wear glasses or sunglasses without discomfort. Whether the average 17 year old can be convinced to forgo the fashion boost offered by that other brand remains to be seen, but if they had the chance to hear the different brands side by side these Pioneers would be the clear winner."

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