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Firstly wanna say nice forums regarding audio information ... mostly when i search something i find it here.


I am planning to buy new headphones in near feauture but don't know which one for my needs.



- Gaming/Movies/Music --> Mostly gaming usage

- I play Battlefield 3-4 and titanfall lately

- I can say my computer specs should be good for audio but not sure: Creative Sound Blaster Z

- What i want from my headphones is good Virtual Surround Sound audio play ... currently i am owner of Tritton PC510 5.1 but not setisfied with them because before buying them did not do

enought research ... surround is heard but not as much as i expected ... alot of sounds are missing which is needed in FPS positional detaction


Hopefully someone with experiance can tell me on what should i focus and why ... maybe headphones suggestion ... sound card and what is the best way to configure all togather.