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For Sale: NHT Classic Two speakers pair - Final price drop

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For Sale:
NHT Classic Two speakers pair - Final price drop

Will Ship To: CONUS



I'm looking to sell my pair of NHT Classic Two speakers. Working perfectly and in very good to excellent condition.  While often accused of suffering from the "Marsha, Marsha" effect as mentioned by Audioholics they are still extremely good sounding and competent speakers.  Equally, at this price they offer excellent value as well for someone looking towards getting into NHT gear.


Shipping + fees covered by buyer.


I've attached pictures, but they're from my smartphone which apparently is a potato. If you need better pictures I can dig my digital camera out and take some better shots (should eliminate some of the "grain").



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Sadly I have a million and one reasons I can't snag these but I currently own the classic three's and if these are in the same family then whoever picks these up is in for a real treat.  The three's aren't terribly efficient but have a nice neutral tone with crazy detail - none of the rolling off that I used to find with some of the older NHT models.  Of my headphones I liken them the most to my Grado HP-2's.  Sadly you don't see NHT's talked about so much!

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