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My native language is not English, so I differ grammatically. I do my best to write this article with help of an translate machine.

I' diagnosed with classic autism, there are claims that autistics have a ''sharper'' ears and they can pick more sound. At all, there are no real obvious sources or scientific evidence, but I still think it is correct.

As a young person like 5 years ago music didn't really inspired me. But yeah, i was an anime junkie and I watched shows like Death Note/Macross Frontier/Dance in the vampire bund. It started with Macross Frontier, the beloved pieces of music sounded like a dream in my ear. Then i'l started to discover electronic music and it has always been my style. It was always an art how some pices of music were created and instead of listening to mainstream music learning yourself an music taste has always been an art. It started with electronic music and now six years later I amstill addicted to electronic music and the genre of electronic music becomes ''wider''

Although I don't want to write a diary or something. But yeah, here it comes... I am a user of hashish and marijuana, and love it soo much to trip like 6 hours with music. I love music like: Twothirds - Daydreamer (feat. Bijou), Tulpa & Mr. FijiWiji - Sentient, Koven - Petrichor, High Contrast - Sleepless and go so on. Although I'm not a pro diehard audiophile, but i still can hear the difference in sound from in-ears/speakers etc. But that's it, now comes the interesting part...

I got a joint mixed with a high volume of weed and high volume of hashish. I'l smoked it and I immediately felt wapperig, It taked a freaking ride to lay back and navigate the music app on my android. When the mission was succeed, i putted the JBL J33 in ears in my ears and wow... jeez men It's a different world ... music sounds slower, but on a good way like you can pick every instrument and tone. And the snare of a drum kit transforms your to another placed like a rock full of diamonds. It sounds intens, it really is a whole different sound signature. Was like the best musical experience in my life imo.

Now the next thing that I wanted to report that the sound or acoustics of sound getted a totaly diffrent tone when i was high. But now i'm clean anyways. But what I could say is that from my simple JBL in ears a totaly dynamics soundstage passed, the bass that makes you motorial crazy and dat feeling you are high with music. Wow what an experience .



Now this is just to say how it is to be the some audiophile and listening high to music . Yeah, i'v been to places with my music... what was i doing by god?

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