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How noticeable is this?

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Hey I was just wondering whether or not the padding on the top part of some headphones is actually noticeable or not. How does it feel on those heavily overpriced and padded Beats Pros too?

All of my headphones have minimum padding and I'm not bald so my hair blocks me from feeling it that much.
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 I shave my hair bald and the differences between headbands is noticeable.  I am also thick skinned and have a thick skull it really doesn't bother me much.

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I have the Sony MDR XD200 which have plastic head band and they get uncomfortable (and sometime painful) after about 30 mins. I'm not bald either but it's rather notice able. I also had the Sony PULSE headset which had a small amount of padding and I could wear those all day long and barely know they're there. It helps evenly distribute the weight across the top of your head reducing pressure points.

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Lack of padding can be completely overcome by the sort of suspension system AKG uses. Without something like that, it can be a real problem as it is with many Grados.
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