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I've recently started setting up a portable lossless collection of my CDs for work so am using headphones more and more. At the moment I'm outputting via a cheap ELE EL-D02 DAC which suits my needs but will be upgrading to something better shortly (probably a cheaper Chinese DAC, totally not decided yet but I'm looking at Stoner Acoustics at the minute or another HD54xx chip DAC).


I'm listening via a pair of Senheiser HD202, I actually quite like them but the build quality is rubbish so much so that although they sound okay I'm having to get rid as they just won't stay in position properly. I've also got a par of AKG-450s but I'm not a fan of the smaller cup size over longer periods of time and in all honesty unless I'm sat in a totally quiet room I find them a little muddy. I have Sound Magic IEMs I'm happy with but just not for long periods of time.


I listen to a wide range of music, from Kyuss and Fu Manchu through to Tricky, Warpaint, The Horrors etc. I will say this, I'm not a massive bass head! I do expect it to be there when it needs to be though.


There is the background, I've started looking and set my sites on under £100 though, the cheaper and better bang for buck the better for me at the moment.


Everything is pointing toward the..


* Audio Technica ATH-M50

* Another model of Senheiser (no specific model)

* AKG-551


... the latter are at the top end of my budget but I'm at a loss at what to do.


I then I started to hit alternatives that are incredibly similar Superlux HD681 and HD668Bs? With all my hi-fi gear I take listening CDs of tracks I know backwards and like to listen to regularly, problem with headphones is its difficult getting the local stores to crack open the pristine boxes on £££ of gear only for me to say don't like them!


So for the budget... I think I have a reasonable number of higher end examples above. I'm after the cheaper bang for buck models now and opinions on them? Superlux etc?


Or any other lesser known brands, must admit I'd never heard of superlux before :)


edit - just seen the Lindy/Fischer headphones and the Superlux HD681EVO all tempting, the build quality of the superlux look pretty plastic and cheap though.

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