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For Sale:
Big Headphone/Amp Sell Off

Will Ship To: United States

I seem to have a slight problem/addiction with headphones and I'm looking to continue my upward trend. I'd like to move some of my mid-level headphones and head toward some higher-end headphones (LCD 2's, HD800's, etc.) so I'm looking to sell some of my current headphones. Most of these are in like-new condition as I take meticulous care of my equipment and, to be honest, I haven't owned some of them for that long. All of these (with the exception of the Q460's) have been purchased since last December. So take a look and feel free to PM me with any questions. I'll send pics upon request.


AKG K712 - I bought these last December from RazorDog along with the HD700's and O2 below. They are in perfect condition and show no signs of wear. They come with everything originally included: headphones, coiled cable, 10 ft straight cable, 1/8" to 1/4" screw-on adapter, carrying sleeve, warranty card, sticker, manual, box, and cardboard sleeve. I even have the plastic bags the cables and headphones came in. These could probably pass as new if you didn't know any better. I'm looking for $330 + shipping.


AKG Q701 - These are essentially new as I bought them to compare to the 712's. I bought these new from Amazon to try the bass mod and see if they held their own against the 712's. Though, the bass was enhanced, I still prefer the 712's. But now I find myself wanting to sell those as well to upgrade. The Q701's have the bass mod (sticker covering the bass port was removed) but I have left the sticker on the inside of the bass port cover if you'd like to put it back. Other than that, they have ~5 hours on them and show no signs of wear. Everything original is included: headphones, 10 ft cable, 20 ft cable, 1/8" to 1/4" screw-on adapter, warranty card, manual, and box. I'm looking for $165 + shipping for these (which is a steal!).


AKG Q460 - I used these for a few months at my desk at work but moved to the DT 770's for a few weeks before finding a great deal on my HD598's. I bought these new about last September-ish and they are in good shape except for a very faint scuff on the left earcup. They come with everything original except the short (1.5 ft) cable. I spliced the adapter off of this cable to make a concept DIY cable that I can throw in if you'd like (it's nothing special). Included are: headphones, 3 ft cable with 3-button remote/mic, 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, 1/8" to mini adapter, hard case, warranty card, manual, box, and my DIY cable if you'd like. I'm asking $50 + shipping for these.


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250 Ohm) - I bought these only last month to replace my Q460's for use at work. I was waiting for a deal on the HD598's but got impatient and bought these from Guitar Center instead. I used them at my desk at work and they are in like-new condition. Everything original is included: headphones, 1/8" to 1/4" screw-on adapter, box, and even plastic bag for cable. I found a great deal on my HD598's a week ago and use these at work now, so I have no use for these now. I'd return them, but I'm about 4 days outside the 30 day return period, so I'll pass them on. I'm looking for $120 + shipping.


Fiio E12 w/LOD cable - I used this at my desk with my DT770's for a while since they need a little bit of extra power, but now I find no need for it as I'd like to sell my 770's. This is in great condition and shows no signs of wear. Everything original is included: amp, protective sleeve, 4 rubber bands (2 large, 2 small), charging cable, line out cable, rubber stick-on pads, box, and even an additional LOD cable. I'm asking for $105 + shipping.


JDS O2 Amp - I bought this from RazorDog last December knowing that I would only use it until I could find something a little more powerful. I used it with my home setup through last month when I picked up an Asgard. It is in perfect condition with no signs of wear. I did attach the four rubber feet to the bottom, though. Everything original is included: O2 amp with rubber feet, bubble wrap, box, wall wart power supply, and box for the wall wart. I'm asking for $115 + shipping.



I'm also toying with the idea of selling these if I get a good offer:


Sennheiser HD700 - I bought these last Decemeber from RazorDog and they are in perfect condition. These and the HE-500's have shared head-time with my home setup. They come with all original accessories: headphones, cable, hard case, warranty card, box, and even the foam sleeve to protect the box. I really like these, but would consider selling them for ~$600 or above.


Hifiman HE-500 - As I said above, I've been splitting time between these and my HD700's at home. The headphones are in perfect condition and there are no signs of wear that I can see. I am the second owner of these (I bought them from a fellow Head-Fier a little over a month ago). The hard case is a bit worn, as it has damage to the corners. This was how I received it, though. These come with both the velour and leather pads as well as the original cable and a pair of additional connectors for any DIY projects. I really like these as well, but would consider selling them for ~$550 or above.