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"AccurateRip - Not Accurate"

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I am in the process of re-ripping all my old CDs to FLAC with Foobar. I had the software look up my CD drive, and it appears to have found the drive and set an offset. The CDs themselves are old, so they're not in perfect condition, but they are generally OK.


Every CD so far has ended with a window showing that a few tracks were "Not Accurate" after a few "Retrying".


How big of a problem is this? 

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Oops, I just typed all this and didn't realize you were using foobar. I don't want to delete it since the same things might happen with foobar. I use foobar for playback but not ripping. I would recommend trying EAC and see if that works better.

If there are no audible errors I usually don't worry about it. In my experience if the rip has audible errors it will take hours to rip a disc. It's a little unusual that every disc isn't getting accurate rips. I've been amazed at some discs I can rip accurately even though they are scratched severely.

Some old discs develop pinhole holes due to the way the were made. They will look perfect but still won't rip accurately. If you hold them up to a light a source you can see them.

What level of error correction are you using? I use the highest. Some people have used burst mode to rip discs that won't rip with error correction enabled. It's never worked for me.
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