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So, what is the next step after the Colorfly C3?

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I have had the Colorfly C3, probably the last official sale of one in Mexico, for almost a year. And I am currently using the Sennheiser CX300II with them and I have to say the bass and details are nothing less than amazing sometimes. The CX300II have the green Sony earplugs instead the normal ones, so they can go deeper in my ear and get better isolation. Everything is nice, but I have to wonder what whould be the next step for me. I just got a new job and want to have something to look for next year, when I would celebrate my first anniversary. Call it something like a reinforcement teraphy, but that particular date is something I really look forward to, since I had been unemployed for the last five years prior to this job.

So, getting back to the point, I would have to consider some particular points for an upgrade, and it calls for a list.


1. A price of about 300 dollars, mostly because it will be doubled when I get it in the local market or bring it from outside the country.

2. It would have to be used with IEMS, but I would also love to enjoy my Momemtums, since I haven't really touch them since I got the CX300II.

3. A nice battery life would be very good, something I can use for a couple of days without recharging or abruptely ending my headbanging sessions.

4. As for music styles, it would have to sound good with everyting. And I mean everything. I am an universal ear.

5. As sound characteristics, I would love an open sound field, outside the head even with IEMs. I am also a basshead, as I came to conclude, but also in need of detail and clarity.

6. A civilized UI will be great too. Something that would display artists and album titles, so I don't have to slowlly browse through 64gb of folders.

7. I mostly use flac, but for compressed files I prefer Nero encoded mp4 over mp3. Unfortunely, the Colorfly either does FLAC, APE and then jumps way to low for my taste to mp3. To be able to play something in the middle will be good.

8. Size does not matter, as long as I can carry it with me.

9. I would preffer a single box, no amps or whatever. At least for the moment.

10. As for design, if it looks great, its okay. But if its the ugliest thing ever made, I don't care as long as it sounds good.


Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up. I know some of you will come with very interesting ideas. Thanks to all and take care.

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Originally Posted by eso6686 View Post


"A price of about 300 dollars"

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Well, I believed I would have a ton of responses by now. Come on guys, don't leave hanging. ;)

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iBasso DX50 comes to mind. FiiO X5 will be even better, but it is out of your price range, Neither really lasts for days but you can carry extra battery for DX50 or get a USB power bank for both.

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I prefer the DX50 to the X5

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I think it will be fiio x3 or ibasso dx50 for yoir budget...
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