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Probably should have explained what I mean't by that. Basically, and bare with me on this as it could be all just psychological, but as I was burning in these tingo's, I found that to eliminate the shrill I was hearing in the vocals, I dialed back the treble in the rockbox settings to -4.5 and that strangely enough eliminated the shrill I was hearing. Since I'm just letting these burn in round the clock, I've gone back periodically and found that the shrill that was there had lessened, so I kept adjusting the treble over the burn in time and it's now at zero. To my ears, the vocal issue I was having in the beginning is gone and the sound is now balanced. This could be just my ears adjusting or the Tingo's just needed some burn in time or a combination of both. Who knows. Either way, I'm a lot happier with the sound now even if my methods were a bit unconventional to get to this point.
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The TG-38s are very balanced - no surprise. The mids are very forward - and it's not because of EQ. My EQ is flat - although I have BBE on 20/100 for both highs and lows. It brings the vocals out in front of everything (listening to Al Stewart now). They are still going through burn-in though. Soundstage is huge. The mid highs are also emphasized. This is not V-shaped at all. 


My impressions are little premature though since complete burn-in is still about 5 days. These buds do live up  to the hype. I hear a little tizzy sibilance in the hi-hats that is not present in the M760s. 


Please keep in mind that eq is flat and I always listen to head gear through mild BBE. I also do not use them as buds, one of my mods is this thread and here is a picture of the Tingo's with another mod. Dasetn's M1, M3, M760, and TG-38s are all worth the investment. They all sound like they cost much much more. They sound better than ALL IEMs I have used - and I've used ones with dual armatures and also ones made by SHURE. They are the best earbuds I have ever listened to. However, some full-size cans do sound better - but also cost over 5x more. The days of me walking around with full-sized cans went out last millenium at the end of the 80s. . . 




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So some impressions on the tingo, been listening all day and while I may not have been a believer too much with burn in these guys do sound over time in my case. Noticed the treble was a bit tizzy at first but really don't hear it anymore. Mids are quite nice and forward, bass is present and is quite good. For the money these guys are well worth it. Thanks for the find BenF!

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I've been switching between the Tingo's and also my newly acquired Portapros. The Tingos initial tizzy sibilance have tempered down and once again I'm hearing qualities in vocals that other cans don't reveal to me. I also hear distinct rhythm guitars that many other cans seem to blend into the background or don't resolve at all (Dollar Store generic buds are an extreme example).


I owned many models with the same driver as the Portapros in the 80s and 90s - so it's not an unfamiliar sound to me as the Tingo's - so the Portapros aren't really burning-in my brain but more of a reacquantance. . .


It's a wonder why Dasetn doesn't sell out of the M1, M3, M760, or TG-38s in hours like some other small manufacturer (I've been tempted to buy the others but the price was always too steep since I get all 4 Dasetns for the price of one of the other). . .


why are Sennheiser shells so shamelessly ripped off by other non major brand manufacturers? 

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Originally Posted by mtliu View Post

why are Sennheiser shells so shamelessly ripped off by other non major brand manufacturers? 


The OEM factories produced a large amount of them - so they are widely available and cheap.

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Is this why I'm seeing lots of cans coming out online that look like those Doctor cans or something like that?!!

If they had anything to do with Doctor Who, I'd get them. . .

But I've noticed that the demo section of this brand has taken up a lot of retail space at retail stores. Every time I try them on, THEY SOUND TOTALLY TERRIBLE TO ME. . .BOOM BOOM BOOM. . .RECOLORIZED sound sheesh. . .

but they did make it cool once again to wear head-gear in public. . .except I think the Portapros just make me look old - like wearing bell bottoms. 

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Got my Tingo a few minutes ago. Thought we got the case? I got the outer magnetic box but just the T38s inside.


Sound good so far. More bass than the BLOX had. Mids are a bit forward but that is perfect live rock band staging to me. A bit of sizzle on the treble but it should certainly settle in nicely as it is just something around the notes and not a frequency peak. Heard it before and there is no sibilance it is just on cymbals.


Nice cable. More like the Meelec than the new Senn cable(thicker) and it is nice to have a cord slider.


Off to listen/burn in.

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jant, when did you order yours?i wonder if mine got lost along the way .tracking status did not change since May 6. :-(
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I ordered sometime on April 26th which was a Saturday. My tracking would provide the best idea so here...


May 13, 2014 , 9:09 am

Out for Delivery


May 13, 2014 , 8:59 am

Sorting Complete


May 13, 2014 , 6:11 am

Arrival at Unit


May 12, 2014 , 9:39 pm

Arrive USPS Sort Facility


May 12, 2014 , 8:59 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility


May 12, 2014 , 1:43 pm

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


May 10, 2014 , 8:48 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility


May 10, 2014 , 4:55 pm

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


May 9, 2014 , 8:49 am

Processed Through Sort Facility


May 5, 2014 , 2:45 pm

Processed Through Sort Facility



Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

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hmm. that's weird coz you're from the east side and i'm just from asia-pacific and you received yours first. anyway, i can see you ordered it 2 days ahead of mine so let's see if I receive it today or tomorrow. thanks.

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Hi guys,


I'm in the market for some earbuds to use at work. It'll be used to listen to internet radio so quality isn't paramount. Just looking for best bang per buck with a budget of $20.


I haven't heard of Dasetn/Tingo before but it seems like the TinGo TG-38S might be what I'm looking for. Who is the manufacturer? Is Dasetn like an eBay? Is it safe to buy from them?




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Yeah the tingo are quite a fantastic pair of earbuds for the price. Think tingo is the manufacturer, dasetn used to have a shop on ebay before starting up their own site and selling their products there. It is safe just some build issues on their diy ear buds and have been hit or miss for some. Of the three diy I have gotten 1 had a channel imbalance and still haven't received my replacement for it. The tingo are not diy so it will most assuredly be fine to get.

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cheers thanks for that. i've just placed my order through DASETN!

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I have received Yuin PK1 and PK2 for comparison, courtesy of swmkdr

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Also received Tingo TG-JL1 - sounds heavenly so far.



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