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I would like to start by saying that i Owned a Modi in the past, and it worked on this computer with no problems. I had to sell my previous Modi because of financial reasons.

To make a long story short i ended up with a little extra cash and bought a new Modi.


So I connected the Dac to the computer and the light came on. I went into the windows 7 sound panel and the Schiit Audio device icon was flashing on and off, as if it was connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. I tryed things like buying a new usb cable, different usb ports. ext ext


I did email Schiit and unfortunately the fix they provided did not work. I did email them back, but i am currently waiting for a response.


So in the mean time while waiting for a reply from Schiit i would like to know if any one has ever had a problem like this?



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