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Since Jerg reported the same difference with his HE-560 Focus Pads, I'm starting to think maybe Hifiman already made this change a while back, quietly...


I did purchase the previous HE-560 from GrizzlyBeast, who I'd assume purchased it pretty early on.


Perhaps that's why I perceived my old pair as being "bright".


This pair... I can hardly call it "bright".

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In this case I have probably the same pair of Focus Pads as you. I prefer the tone of the Focus-A. The general sound is less refined but less lean to me.

(Hifiman answered me quickly but they think I'm talking about the Focus Pads-A ! Which probably indicates it is true that there is no new recent version of Focus Pads)

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Bill-P, so I am very surprised by your sentence "(...) [Focus Pads] are darker, warmer, bassier, and smoother than anything I have ever put on my HE-560, by far. They make the Focus Pads A sound bright, edgy, and spiky."


It is clearly the contrary to my ears. :blink: 


[Edit : oh, maybe you was talking about an older version of focus-A ?]

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Thanks for all the answers! I'm now thinking of going with the HE-560.


Bill-P: "They make my HE-560 sound exactly like a cleaner HD600 with more bass. Not sure how to explain it, but these are the opposite of "better, sharper imaging". Everything is softer, smoother, less forward, less aggressive, and the extra warmth is very apparent."


Oh my I want THAT :atsmile:


Could you take a picture of the Focus Pads you're currently using?

I'm going to bought a rev2, but on sale so it will certainly be an early version. It would surely help if I need to contact Hifiman.

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Originally Posted by borrego View Post

Do you mind sharing pictures of your newly acquired Focus pads tell us where you bought those from? Some HE560 owners are saying hifiman has done some minor revision (use metal instead of plastic in housing area where the pads were mounted) for the production HE560.

Hey, I can confirm what looks like metal in the housing area. First pair had plastic like HE500, the replacement pair has metal: 



My experience shadows Bill's exactly. I had distortion in the right cup at low frequencies and HiFiMAN sent a brand new pair from factory in China - had the factory "checked" tape around the wrapping along with the plastics on gimbals. The pads did seem thicker, sturdier, and nicer but they've since broken in a little. But that metal or what looks to be metal really surprised me at first. 

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I see now there are notches for proper pad mounting... One previously had to squeeze the pad ring to mount...
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Would someone be kind enough to measure the thickness of the new Focus pads?
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