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It's not illogical at all.  How many times do you look at posts on head-fi from headphone apologists claiming the reason people are complaining of stridence and sibilance on a headphone is because it's 'revealing?'  More often than not they're making an excuse for it having an elevated treble that's not too uncommon with detail-centric audiophile gear.  People associated elevated treble with more detail and definition.  The focus pads are just another example of that, providing an even larger peak at 4khz which a lot of people-- even Jude himself, considered to be even more detailed and transparent when they first heard the production 560.


Quite a lot of classical orchestral recordings and jazz recordings are mid-centric, so the treble spike on many of those audiophile headphone is seen as a nice sparkle to lift them up, even though it's still a coloration regardless.  Take that same kind of elevated treble and apply it to a more modernized-type of recording that's slightly hot and/or brickwalled, and chances are it'll sound wildly bright (HD800, HE-400, DT990, Grados, etc).


The 560 (with focus-a) is not as pronounced in the upper treble as some of those other offerings, and I find it considerably more tolerable for poorer recordings.


Of course there's no getting around garbage-in, garbage-out, but going around reading a lot of posts on head-fi often gives you the feeling that people are blaming the recordings more than they should be, when they need to be blaming the coloration of their headphones more.

I agree. I don't really hear any harshness with the production Focus pads but I won't argue that the Focus-As are smoother.

I believe regardless of pads, the 560 has a very well dome treble and midrange that doesn't highlight harshness much and sounds very good in general.

Pads differences aside...

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Sorry double post using phone
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I am suggesting that the 560 are not hot headphones I found the he 560 to be very tizzy in treble I sold them of course a headphone can ruin music I just do not think that the 560 are 1 of those phones and deserve to be fed steal not mush
Now I love old rock and roll and do listen to it but do not think it does the 560 justice
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