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I like the new look. I don't care if its fake/real wood, it looks good. I think the black sides/trim gives it a little more of a modern taste.

won't know for sure til I have em side by side. I hope that the sonic improvements are actually an improvement to me.

are the new pads symmetrical now? that would be a very welcome change for my ocd of needing that properly matched look.
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I think the new look is pretty nice and the sonic "upgrades" definitely sound promising.  Can't wait for comparisons but as it stands now, Hifiman probably has my hard earned cash on these...  Although, after hearing the news of a matching XLR cable for the 560's, I kinda wish I hadn't been so hasty in purchasing a pair of HE-6 cables.  Lesson learned, Hifiman seems to be covering its bases.

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Wow cool new look. I think going away from solid wood was probably wise from a durability stand point. The 560 is looking more an more polished. I'm still kind of excited to give the 560s a try.

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Well, I like the new look.  I'm a big proponent of making sound #1 and reliability close behind. So, solid wood was not a "make it or break it" kinda thing for me.

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Well, it's certainly all positives for me!
Headphone shipping soon, bigger earpads implemented, sonic merits and I dig the new brown and black finish a lot...
I don't see a reason to complain about veneer really but that's me biggrin.gif

EDIT: I really dig the new look! Must be even better in person cool.gif
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I don't like this new look, I thought it was one of the best looking headphones available, now I'm not so sure. I think the best Hifiman could do, is to offer both cup types for customers to choose (like Audeze does).

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Just wondering..

with the new He560 ready to be shipped.. will there be a new travelling case for the he560 coming with it.

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When I first came into the headphone scene 5 years ago, I admitted I was one person who was fascinated by wooden cup headphones. Today, I don't even mind my LCD-3 to be made of cardboard if it can shave 200 grams off the weight and improve the sound and durability. To me, I think Hifiman took the correct direction in implementing the changes to improve HE-560 and I like the new look. If you are someone who only wants "REAL" wood, I think there are plenty options out there. Hifiman can't satisfy everyone, but I think they are doing hell of a job to satisfy most people!
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In my opinion the looks doesn't quite hit the head on the nail, it's somewhere between a modern-ish and more refined look but still really neither of them. Hard to say from pictures but I'd fear they'll look slightly cheap and 'confused' in taste in worst case.
Rather have it simple personally, but it is not a high priority to me anyway, the sound and durability is.
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Sorry If the question was already but it will be new version of the HE560 ? 

They will improve the pads and sound ? It seems that the treble has some tiziness.

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^^ huh? :blink:  ARe you saying that you have a pre-order pair and find the treble tizzy?

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I didn't have the HE560 but I read that there is people who found tiziness on the treble.

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Originally Posted by Hun7er View Post



I didn't have the HE560 but I read that there is people who found tiziness on the treble.


You might go back to the first post and read through the link reviews. What I see is that the treble is held in pretty high esteem. 

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even if i would find the "real" wood better, i would prefer a consistenly clean build not so so good looking can. durability and avoiding small flaws when using veneer surely is the right way. clean workmanship is way more important than the looks for itself. i mean who is looking in the mirror when using a headphone right?

but guess what... i even like the new design more. combined with the very exiting statement that fang was able to further improve the sound by optimizing the damping, there is one more potential customer ;)

i am thrilled for measurements. especially to which subsonic frequency the can is able to linearly reach down.

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I didn't have the HE560 but I read that there is people who found tiziness on the treble.

I have a pair of the pre-orders and I have found no "tiziness" or issues with the treble at all, I think they have it dialed in.  The HD560 is a very neutral headphone and, compared with the PM1 has more treble energy, but has less than the HD800 so, while the details are there, these 'phones are not painful to listen to with "hot" recordings and they are never fatiguing.  The mid-range sounds great, no changes needed there either and the bass goes deep and is detailed; PRaT is very good too. Overall, the bass is more detailed than the PM-1's bass with the same amount of slam; compared to the HD800, it is no contest, much better performance on the low end in terms of slam and low end extension. These are very musical headphones and they bring me into the music.  I can't say the same about the new Oppos, which added a "sweetness" to everything and, to me, made the music sound more like background music, in other words, it didn't draw me in.  Compared to the HD800s, I prefer listening to the 560s and I find myself reaching for them when I want to use headphones.


I will say, though, that the HD800s are much more comfortable to wear than either the Oppos or the 560s. One thing that is interesting to me is I was using the HE560s a lot when I first got them and had no fit issues.  I put them on yesterday after a few days on the road and found them to be pretty tight...guess they need to stretch out on my head again (no, I haven't been keeping them on a stand at this point)...but I don't remember having this issue when I first got them, must of been the honeymoon period. However, I don't find the pads to be hot or irritating to my skin. I haven't had a problem with their depth either, but it sounds like this won't be an issue with the new pads.


I'm excited to hear how they have improved the bass performance with the revision...frankly it sounds like the overall SQ has been improved with the new damping, if so, they will be making an already great sounding headphone even better.  


As for the new look, I think they look great in the pictures. I don't care about real wood vs veneer as long as they pay attention to the details...after all, I can't see them when I'm listening to them! Are the Oppos prettier, yes, probably and that is because of their use of aluminum versus plastic on the HE560.  But I think comparing these to the PM-1s isn't a fair comparison since the PM-2 will have plastic parts and is the second best model in Oppo's line-up, just like the HE560 will be in HFM's line up.  


I'm looking forward to getting the new pair and if they work as well as I think they will, the HD800s will be put up for sale (I already returned the Oppos).

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