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That I call class.
It'd be nice if one can choose or if the other one could be bought separately or even included with the 560.
Still very impressed and much respect wink.gif
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I have "only" had the HE-500, but am now solidly ordering HE-560 here in the USA soon.

their company responsiveness, adjustments to veteran (yes Jerg) recommendations and now quick adjustments to last minute ear pad sizing is nothing short of amazing!


Cheers to HiFiMan!



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This has to be the fastest a company has responded to a potential problem I've seen, and in the best way possible. Huge props can't wait to get mine.


Interestingly, I have this same problem with the PM-1. After wearing the headphones for a couple week intensively the padding seem to have compressed and they now cause me ear pain :(. Switch to the leather pads, and problem solved.

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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post

HIFIMAN's new earpad improved sound quality a lot comparing to old velour and pleather earpad. Both new pad and old earpad have identical inner diameter: 5.5 cm, but new pad is much softer than the old earpad.  After being worn on the ears, softer earpad tend to shrink inner diameter more than the hard one. This is why there are very few complain about our old earpad which is identical in size, but much harder.  We did have more than 50 people trying our new earpads during R&D. However, why we can not catch this problem? Human race of Mongolian (most east Asian people such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) ear size is much more uniformed comparing to other race such as Caucasian, but we don't have any foreign employee in hifiman China. We do have two Caucasian race employee in hifiman America. Unfortunately their ears are small :-(.

To solve this problem,  we will ship two version of earpads to those preorder guys who have big ears
: One earpad has hard inner material, the other one is thicker than the current pad. We will pick one of the earpad after receiving feedback. This trouble shooting case will take about 2 weeks so that we will have 2 week delay on shipping dealer's orders. At the same time, we will ship HE560 to Asian dealers without any delaying.   

And after this testing is done, will everyone who pre-ordered get the final earpad shipped to them?
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So this means if I preordered from a dealer I have to wait another two weeks?? I like that the problem with the earpads is being addressed quickly but my patience is starting to wear a little thin... Another two weeks is gonna be the end of May  =/  I have small to average sized Asian ears so this wouldn't have bothered me lol.

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But it is something that'd most likely bother me & many. What's two weeks for pad greatness and general happiness redface.gif
You cam always cancel your Preorder and order directly from China, right?
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Yeah, guess I'll have to think about the greater good haha. It's just tough after waiting for so long, getting a whole new desktop setup ready, finally expect them within the next week, and then only to be told there's a half month delay. I also was gonna decide whether to sell my AD2000X to someone else based on whether or not the HE-560 was good enough to be my only full-sized can, but now I don't know if I have the time to wait around to compare the two before that guy changes his mind on buying my AD2000X.


I would, but I have an incentive to preorder from the dealer :p

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Well, you can always preorder and email our customer service that your ears are not big, then we will ship your pre-order. 

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I will have to email you guys about that.  I don't think my ears are small, but I can't take the two weeks!

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Can the HE-560 be ordered with balanced termination (4-pin male XLR)?  It would be very nice, and save some customers needless expense, if the factory made this option available.

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Now I feel bad for starting the ear pad thing. But I did measure them and there clearly was a difference. I can take pics if I have to :rolleyes:

Of course the HE-500 pads have been used and the HE-560 pads are brand new, so must be that. You can really feel the difference but anyway, the problem is solved. (now just improve the stitching lol)


Thanks Hifiman!!


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wasn't expecting all this earpad craziness checking the thread today. actually was curious and measured from top to bottom of my ear which came to a smidgen over 5cm. I'll give my feedback accordingly but I'm assuming I'd prefer a soft touch over a hard cup.

glad mine just cleared customs in LA. won't be waiting too much longer but I feel for those who have to.
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It won't be any fun without ear pain, I was hoping to get mine customized with metal pins and spikes :evil:



Really commendable to see Hifiman acting so fast on an issue like this - really looking after their customers. Though, it makes me want to hold out for a few months for any potential revision changes... probably a unfair outlook.

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I can't remember any company more sincerely responsible to the needs of their consumers. I am amazed at the speed of the response from Hifiman. I was going to raise this issue of Western ears vs Asian ears earlier in this thread but I was afraid of  being called out for it. To hear a representative from Hifiman honestly acknowledge this is very comforting. I have big Western ears. I will wait to order until they have resolved this but in doing so they have made me a customer for life.

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Speaking of Earpads, when can I buy the new earpads to stick on my HE400s? :p

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