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Thanks Headwhacker. Bad wording on my part. The Lyr has more than enough power at the input level my Oppo BDP105D puts out.
Listening typically at 12 Noon for Classical SACD. Otherwise some of the peaks are too loud. For most other music 10:30 is good.
I keep my average down under 85db

quote name="headwhacker" url="/t/711824/hifiman-he-560-impressions-discussion-thread/12510#post_11467934"]Planar's impedance is linear and purely resistive across the frequency range. So it's most likely the power requirement is also linear and doesn't need much headroom from your target SPL. 

If you find the 6-Watt Lyr just good enough for HE-560 it may not have enough gain or the source output is weak. To put that into perspective my O2 at 3.5x gain and ODAC as source is more than good enough for most music genre. Volume pot position is between 12 o'clock to 3o'clock. But it's just good enough for classical music because the volume pot needs to be at 3 o'clock minimum. 

If I use my G109 (2W @ 50ohms) with ODAC and overall gain set to 14dB, the volume pot travels between 11 - 1 o'clock for most genre. For classical music I can only push it to 2:30 position maximum. I imagine a 1W amp is the ideal for HE-560.

120dB is on the high side and at this level you risk hearing damage. I don't mind have an amp capable of driving a headphone at this level or even more as long as the source/gain combination is somewhere less than that. 

When I look for an amp to power a headphone my target SPL is 115 dB with 1-3 dB headroom. So anything between 116dB to 118dB for me is the ideal amp for a given headphone.