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Sorry all for the confusion. I also edited my post above but to say it again: I misread. Got off a very long shift and that's what I get for not wearing my glasses. Anyway I'm content with them like new at that price. Happy holidays all:)

And now I go to sleep after a long day. I shouldn't even be up!
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hello fellow headfiers, so awhile back i asked this thread for suggestions a headphone amp/dac that i could incorporate to my home theater setup, and received a lot of very helpful suggestions. 

after some time researching, i decided on this setup; laptop(usb)>headphone amp/dac(line-out)>receiver, it feels like this is the most neat setup.
and as i was looking for amp/dacs, i found the options a bit too expensive to justify some sort of instant gratification, yet i don't want to wait

then i stumbled upon geek pulse in indiegogo. based on the thread, the he-560 albeit not power hungry, does shine with a more powerful amp, and the geek pulse, with its 3000mW @ 32ohm output
looks plenty powerful and with a line-out included, it was just what i was looking for. 

for a powerful amp with a line-out, a $999 msrp available at a "i'm not sorry for my wallet" $399, it just seems hard to beat considering the other options out there.

and so what i'm actually asking from you guys is some sort of blessing on pulling the trigger... help me pull the trigger. :P

P.S. currently listening to tsuyoshi yamamoto trio on my he-560s... sooo eargasmic

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Ignore previous version of this post, I thought you had posted 300mw at 32ohm, not 3000mw. If that is correct that should be plenty of juice for the 560, My departed A18 was 1.8w at the same load and I felt it was quite good at driving the 560.

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