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For Sale: FS: Stax SRM 252S

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRM 252S

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Near mint condition Stax SRM-252S; there is a small scratch above the pro jack.  Sounds great but I'm just moving on up the chain. Comes complete with box USA 117V.


Asking $275 shipped CONUS with no added paypal fees.


I used this amp with sr-407 and ESP-950 and felt it had adequate drive for both headphones though I came away preferring the Koss with it.  The 252s is definitely a large improvement over the e/90 and gave me a deeper appreciation for the ESP-950.  A great combo for sure.


Based on what I have read the 252s is a much better version compared to the 252ii and shares a the same circuit of the highly regarded 323s.  As far as I can tell the 323s is probably even the same PCB with a built in power supply in a bigger box.

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