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Headphone DAC ~200$

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Hey there,


Im looking for a new Headphone DAC to supersede my old Fiio E10.

Is there any option for maybe 200 bucks I could go for?


Primarily I listen to music though my computer, mostly MP3s at 192 to 320 Kbps by Foobar or via online streaming (Deezer).

What I liked about the E10: decent quality and bass boost.


My current headphones are some Ultrasone HFI-680 but I think about upgrading to maybe the Focal Spirit Classic or NAD Viso HP 50 in near future.


Considerations so far:


- Fiio E17

- NuForce Icon

- Audioengine D1

- Arcam rPAC

- JDS Labs Objective2

- Musi­cal Fide­lity V-CAN II


Hope you can give me some advice.

There is so much variety to choose from and Im not sure whether its worth upgrading in this price range.



- Dr. Strangelove

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The Objective 2 + ODAC runs more than $200, but it definitely is very nice.

At $200, the Schiit Modi and Magni stack is generally considered the best dac/amp performance value. Many feel it compares favorably to the ODAC/O2.
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Thanks for your Reply.

Today I ordered a Yulong U100 for less than 200 bucks from China.


The Schiit or JDS Labs Combo could have been a quiet useful alternative, as well but they are hard to get in my region (Germany, Europe).

Maybe I will resell the Yulong in case it can't satisfy my expectations of sound quality.

But there doesn't seem to be such an enormous difference between them.

And the Yulong is an AiO - in comparison to the two combos.



- Dr. Strangelove

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