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First time poster here and i was hoping for some help on choosing some headphones!

I am currently a university student looking for his "first" high quality over the ear headphones to listen in the library, on the bus and maybe at home.

I listen to mostly

-  Rap/Hip-hop

- Electronic

- Indie

Im looking for (in this order of priority)

- Comfort (able to listen to multiple hours and have glasses on)

- Durability

- High Quality

- Fashionable

- Somewhat portable (carrying in bag)

- Detachable cord (I tend to break these somehow from bending so i would rather have a removable sound cable so i can replace it). 

I was currently looking at the:

- V-Moda M-100's but after reading several reviews on the forums they seem the music quality seems to be hyped up

- AKG K545

- Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro


But I'm up for recommendations on different headphones that might suit my situation. My current budget is probably under $300 US


I was also wondering how often headphones are remodeled. I am worried that i'll buy one of these headphones posted above and they might make a new "better" model because the V Moda and Beyerdynamics are already a year old.


Any help on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Recommendation and guidance is welcomed! 

Thank you, Kiwifruit