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Little Dot mkiii

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Posted this in the dt880 thread but didn't get any feedback so I'm posting it here. Also wasn't sure where to put this. If it needs to be moved to the headphone section, go for it.

Right now I'm using the dt880 600 ohm with the asus essence stx. I was wondering if its worth upgrading to an tube amp such as the Little Dot MK III? From my research I've gotten nothing but conflicting reports. Some say the STX is able to drive the 600 ohm just fine while others say it will sound lifeless. Would using the DOT MKIII + essence STX be worth looking into? Budget is around 400 so I can go a little higher than the little dot. Open to suggestions.
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hi i found 2 threads that might be of interest:








personally i sometimes have my orthos hanging on the MKIII and they DO really need some power and the MKIII delivers satisfactory.

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