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Speaker questions

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I am looking to purchase some speakers and to give u an idea of what i am looking at is the klipsch pod media 2.1 or alienvibes w04. However i amnot an expert so i was wondering what u guys thought. It will be mostly for music and gaming. They also won't be hooked up to a cpu, so does that mean i need one more like the alienvibes becus it has controls and what not
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The Klipsch Promedia 2.1s are a good buy for under $150.
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I can use the pro media with a record player or hook it up to z TV correct? Thanks for your help, thisis probably what I will go with
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Not necessarily a turntable because you might need a phono stage. But yes. If your TV has left and right analog outputs, you can hook the Promedia up to it.
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