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FYI, the local San Diego audiophile society meeting is this coming Saturday.


This group normally features high end stereo gear, but this month they are featuring headphones.


Darin Fong Audio will be the featured vendor and I will be showing  my Out Of Your Head software and the Vostok Sound ES-21 amp/DAC.


I will basically have the same gear that I had at the SoCal Head-Fi meet. 


The meeting is open to the public even if you are not a member of the San Diego Music and Audio Guild.


The meeting is Saturday, March 29th from 11am until 4pm at the Coronado Public Library in the Winn Room. (This is the same location as the San Diego Head-Fi meet back in November.)

You can get details about the location on the San Diego meet thread:


They usually ask for a $5 donation for attending the meet.


No need to bring any gear unless you want to try your gear with the amps or DACS or software. You can bring a thumb drive with music if you want.


PM me if you have any questions,