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Latency Spikes

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I have a HTPC and for sometime I would get pops in audio when playing music or watching a movie.  The video wouldn't stutter but just the audio.


As a first measure I yanked the HD and replaced it with a SSD and a fresh Win7 install and same issue...


Has anyone dealt with this issue??  And if so what hardware was bad?  Mine doesn't seem like a software based issue (driver) after redoing it 3-4 times with different drives.



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Most of the time it are ill behaving drivers indeed.

Your best bet is running a DPC latency checker like http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon

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I did run that and Latency Mon.... but how can default Win 7 drivers and the ones off the website both be causing it on a clean drive 3-4 times???


Bad RAM??   Bad Videocard??  Bad Mobo??? 


Its driving me nuts!!

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Attach a screenshot of LatencyMon please.
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Whats interesting is this shot of latency checker was taken right after a cold boot then ran a video then loaded the program...  The latency for a while was all green then something kicked in and turned it solid red.


Any ideas???





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Have you checked for an updated video driver?

Bios up to date?

It looks like your on Windows 7, try windows update and see if it has any driver updates.
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I've done a clean install 3-4 times on a brand new drive to eliminate my old one....so yes that included a updated driver for everything


BIOS included... I never let anything go very long w/o updating

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I'm about to find a distro of linux with media player ability built in and see if this crap happens under linux as well...  

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If you're using USB audio, try different USB ports, in particular ones that are not shared with other devices (use Device Manager to figure that out).
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Well I wiped the drive and stuck Ubuntu 13.10 on it using VLC and Rythmbox for media playing and NO LATENCY issues!!!!


It kills me that a perfect install of Win7 has nothing but issues and Ubuntu runs perfect...  I had this system running well when I first built it and now I get varying levels of latency and audio problems....


Any ideas???

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Did you have issues with a fresh install of W7 and not having any extra drivers installed?
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After Ubuntu, I installed OSX Mavericks and got NO latency...  I pretty much installed a stock Win7 install, did the updates, then installed the Gigabyte chipset drivers....


I am thinking about installing Win7 THEN the chipset drivers then do Windows Updates.   I am using Windows 7 w/ SP1 but it still has a ton of updates.   


Anything I am doing wrong??

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I assume you are using a Intel based motherboard?

Try using the intel chipset drivers, they will be more up to date than the gigabyte ones.


If i was troubleshooting this.

1. Reinstall Windows 7, do not install any drivers except soundcard\DAC related ones. Test.
2. install latest chipset driver, test
3. Install Video drivers, test
4. Install each remaining driver one by one testing each one.

Once you find the culprit driver, look for a newer version at the manufactures website.
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Yes its Intel based... and also I use the Intel driver update that tells you if your running the newest drivers or not...


I'll mess with it again when I get a chance.... for now I'm just going to play around with Mavericks...



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