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Ok so i'm new to all of this. First of all i use MIDI on stage, Just simple, My keyboard, laptop connected to my keyboard. And a Stereo BreakOut 3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4 connected in my laptop's headphone port and the Dual 1/4 is connected inot a directbox, And with the directbox i'm using an XLR cable which is connected to a Audio snake. Since we have the mixer far away from the instruments, we connect everything in a snake, Ok well that said....

I use reason 5 as my editing software etc etc, My question is, Is a Simple Usb External Sound Card gonna change the quality of the sound? if not, which external sound card will do the difference?. When i play Live, Not a recording, The sound comes out, not so realistic, since i guess its coming out from the laptop, It sounds to whinny and to gamboyish type. And the speakers on stage are good quality and monitors too.

So i was thinking of Buying A Usb external sound card 7.1 surround, And connect the cable 3.5mm in the usb External sound card and the rest leave it like it is, will that make the sound a lil better? THANKS!

And sorry i'm new to all of this smile.gif

This is the type of audio cable i'm using:

This is the type of USB external sound card i wanna buy: (if not, an expensive one)

If you want more information just ask me! Thanks smile.gif