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Thank you!

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Re ordered the havi b3proi and will definitely give my impression using my dx90 and zx1😃
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Macbook Air+Muse x5 mini+Havi b3 made the sound heavenly and almost 3d :)


Couldn't believe Pain of Salvation's stage was so full of musical tricks and far positioned instruments before.


Will see how it fares with a better (ifi ican nano) amp and usb cable (Neo Created by Oyaide d+) in a month or so.

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Would these be ok for jogging or running?

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Yes , they have chin slider and are worn around the ears
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Yes , they have chin slider and are worn around the ears

Thank you very much gonna purchase them now. 

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This is just my opinion, but I don't think the Havi B3 are suitable for exercise because:

1) Cable is flat. this makes it slightly heavy and cumbersome if you're going to be moving a lot

2) Generally when you find an exercise IEMs, you're looking for something with larger than usual bass to aid in your workout. You wouldn't go for something flat sounding like the B3

3) Fit issues. Havi B3 is comfortable and secure for normal usage. With movements however, I can see the housings dislodging for your canals, particularly for those with small ears

That's just my two cents, although either way, quite sure you won't regret purchasing it!
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They weren't uncomfortable, the flat cable was really comfortable to me and they didn't move alot while walking and such😊...plus using the spiral dot tips made them amazing 😊
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Originally Posted by Naniwa View Post

Would these be ok for jogging or running?

I don´t think so to be hones. Yes they are worn over the ear but the fit is not that negative as let´s say a shure 215 or the v-sonic vsd1s. Also the cable is thick at the end with the jack. And rather thin and flimsy at the housing. 


v-sonic vsd1s is more  comfortable and sounds very very good. I might prefer it to the B3 for every day listening. B3 shines with critical stuff or something with epic soundstage. For running, the bass on the havi (specially when not amped) will be filtered out from noise like wind etc. 

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I never use B3 while running or MTBking. My sports iem is a Meelec ai-m6. While swimming I use H2O Audio iem. But B3 can be used while normal daily work and walking. If the fit is perfect enough for your ears B3 "MAY Be" used for jogging. I cannot guarantee that. You have to try it yourself... There are many choices for this regard (sports).

B3 is for daily use other than sports for me (BTW There is no single iem that is suitible for every need. You need to pick at least 3 iems for diff kinds of situations or music).

B3 is for serious business, not a toy IMO
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B3 is indeed serious business, which makes me chuckle seeing as they are $60, but when properly amped, they perform like $400 IEMs, and that's no joke! For working out though? That's pushing it.
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You should have good sound while working out 😉
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I decided to try them with complies and I'm glad that I did. Whilst the seal felt good with the tips I'd been using, the treble and to some extent bass too had been a bit attenuated. I'm getting the full deal now, and the sound stage and placement has gone up a couple of notches. Goes to emphasise the point made many times over about finding the right tips...

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Been looking at this thread for awhile. Was wondering if these would be great for post-rock like "Explosions in the Sky," math rock like "toe", progressive rock like "Tool" and electro-pop like "Perfume" These genres sound pretty damn good on my HD598's so if these have a similar like sound signature to my HD598's it's a definite buy for me. 

I would be using my phone the LG G2 with Fiio E11 if that helps. 



Finally made an account after lurking on this website for over a year :D


Edit: Samples


Explosions in the Sky






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So, I am going to start this little story on my B3's with the disclaimer, don't do this unless you are willing to risk all with your B3's and you may not even like the result... but it was such a journey and has given interesting results so I thought I would share anyway :) 


I received a second set of B3's and like my first they didn't have any bass in the left ear compared to the right which is odd as I often have seal issues with my right ear not my left. So after exhaustive burn-in and testing myself in circles I concluded it wasn’t just in my head. My last pair cost me a month and shipping to HK to get me in the same situation so I thought screw it, I will open them up and see if there is an obvious issue…


After extensive fiddling I concluded that one of the two left drivers wasn’t firing properly (or at all, it is hard to hear such small parts). Then the unthinkable happened and they stopped completely… so, after trying other things, I started playing with the contacts and the series by touching the rear of the drivers together to see if I could get a sound to come out… and it did…


So, out came the soldering kit and I have added a new bridging wire in (as I said, please don’t do this unless you want to risk all, I was close to throwing mine out) and the results are really interesting…


1.     It is now a really sensitive iem…

2.     The bass ‘seems better’

3.     I originally thought I might have killed the soundstage but I have been doing comparisons this morning to my earmax er80 and I have been surprised to hear that it is still much more spacious and clear than the earmax




I would love to hear thoughts on what I may have done to it and PLEASE take my impressions with a bucket of salt as I am doing a lot of this from memory with the original (possibly faulty), not direct comparison. I am posting for interest and investigation sake… if you choose to play you do it all at your own risk J



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