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Desktop equivalent of E11

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I recently bought a sennheiser pc350se + fiio e11. They sound great paired together. But being a gamer I tend to need the amplifier for extended periods of time and the battery cannot keep up and the bl-5b it is shipped with seems to not be holding charge after just 3 months.

Is there a USB powered desktop amp that is similarly priced with the same power the e11 has? With the same 3.5mm in and 3.5mm out as the e11. I believe I looked at the e9/10 and that required Rca inputs. I have a creative titanium HD sound card so a dac would be a waste of money.
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If you like FiiO and your sound; jut get an E9k and run 3.5mm->RCA; it's a direct conversion so no loss in quality.  

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Would u say fiio is the best to stay with in that price range?
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I used an e9k from my X-FI happily for a couple years; only reason I moved on was I needed more power for hd650s when I got them. Best bang for you buck?  Fairly subjective; but I was happy (and still use e9k/e17 combo at work)

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So the e9k functions purely as an amplifier with = or more power the then e11? And the e17 would be a dac which I wouldn't need due to my soundboard?
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Yes. The e17 is a tiny bit more powerful than the e11. Have both.

The good thing about the e17 is that it is also a DAC. Which in turn uses it instead of your sound card. That on its own us an upgrade from the sound card sound. It's cleaner. No hiss. No double amping.

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If you don't need super portability get the schiit magni and modi. Magni is way more powerful than the e17. It's almost in the same price range as the e17 too.

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Since you have the Titanium HD, doesn't it have line out capability? If so, you don't need a DAC. Just get the Magni. That's the best headphone amp for $100. An alternative which is just as good and a little more portable is the Objective 2 (O2) amp. But it would require charging, yet can be used while charging. Both of these require wall plugs.
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