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For Sale or Trade:
Centrance DACPort USB Headphone amp/dac - Last Price Drop!!!

Will Ship To: CONT US

I got this about a month ago from cizx on this forum.

link to original sale -


It's great super portable dac/headphone rig. It's got some minor scuffs but it sounds great and has a lot of juice.

I powered my HD650's and HE400s with these just fine. The DAC is very clean and revealing. Read the tons of reviews on this thing

It's a classic.


There is a little quirk to this model when turning the volume there a little noise. I've read that this indeed is a quirk of the model. It only happens

when adjusting the volume. When listening back there is no noise. Very quiet and all works perfect. comes with a usb cable.


I'm selling this to put money towards a new desktop rig probable a DAC1 If you have one and would like to do a partial trade plus cash let me know.

I'm also looking for a few sets of closed back headphones, again if you want to do a partial trade lets talk.



Sony MDR7520

Focal Spirit Classic


As for cash, I'm selling this for exactly what I got it for from cizx a month ago.

>$190 ; $150 + 3.5%paypal fee + $7 priority shipping in the CONT US.

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