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For Sale or Trade:
HiFiMan HE400 Mint +770 Beyer Velours - Last Price Drop!

Will Ship To: CONT US

I bought these a month ago from Razor Audio, They are mint and sound amazing. These were open box and they said the customer upgraded within a week for HE-500s. I'm including byerdynamic 770 Velour Pads with HiFiMan Mounting Rings and two pairs of extra Mounting Rings which I purchased from modulor on this very forum about three weeks ago. These are very comfortable and offer more ear room then the standard pads.


These headphones have less then 5 hours on them they sound great but I need good closed headphones for work.


They come with the original box.


Some phones i'm interested in for trades/partial trades for are:



Sony MDR7520

Focal Spirit Classic

Sure 1540


P.S. I also have a listing for a Centrance Dacport that could be worked into the trade.

Let me know your ideas.


Shipping to US only please...These will fit in large Priority Flat rate box so let's say $15 for shipping.

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