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This has been happening for the past week and a half roughly. I began to notice that the left driver began to lose some of it's impact and forward sounds compared to the right, I tried other headphones to make sure just wasn't the source but even using low-end headphones, I could hear that the left driver did indeed lose some punch/forward sounds, but it really hops between songs. For example it may not even be present in a lot of my songs but it will be very noticeable in others and low end headphones will sound equal throughout on the songs that would appear uneven on my Q701's. Very strange indeed.


I use my Q701 to game a lot so I'm always in teamspeak nearly every day, but I began to notice that sometimes, due to my voice, the left driver would audibly vibrate/rattle to my own voice. I did a full range frequency sweep to check if it any of the drivers were damaged but no rattles were present with the sweep, but only to the vibration of my own voice.


I opened the earcups to check if any hair was present inside the drivers but none were visible.


I found this strange, and was wondering if it could be a loose driver or damaged one? I'm hoping this isn't the case.


How is akg on warranties and repairs?

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