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For Sale: Classic iPods for Sale

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$999 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Classic iPods for Sale

Will Ship To: Continental USA and Canada

I've decided to clean house and sell off the iPods that are not getting used.


Right now the only box I can find is for the 4th gen iPod which is complete. I will update if I find boxes for the others.


1. Ipod 4th Generation M9830LL 60gb White. I don't want to say this one is in collector condition but it would have to be very close. This is in totally complete condition, box, slip cover, cellophane cover for iPod, USB power supply, USB cable, ear-buds, all except the iPod itself and the cable are un-used and still in the original packaging. 


2. Ipod 5.5 Generation U2 Special Edition MA664LL 30gb Black and Red. This one is also in virtually un-used condition. Right now all I have is the iPod itself but I am sure I will find the box and other items as I am pretty anal about not throwing this stuff out. Not sure about finding a power adapter and/or cable.


3. Original iPod Mini M9800LL 6gb in Green. No significant marks or scratches. However, it does not charge or turn on, maybe just a dead battery I have not explored trying to fix it. Again, right now just the iPod but the box is around her somewhere. Same goes for power adapter and cable, if I find one I will include it. 


The batteries on the first 2 seem to be good, take and hold a charge, unused the charge holds for weeks. Neither have been used enough for me to say how many hours each one will play on a charge.


All three have screen protection over the LCD screen since new.


I am not an ipod aficianado so I have no idea what a fair price is for these. The first two should have some reasonable value, the Mini may just be a nice collector item. While I am checking out what they are worth if anyone wants to make a fair offer I will consider any and all.


I am generally horrible at getting pictures done but if someone is interested before I get some posted I will get on it fast.


Thanks for looking.

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Hi, the 5.5 is the one with the wolfson chip correct? If so, I can do 75$. 

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