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DIY Cable Gallery!! - Page 409

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Nice job both, palchiu I like the look of the bare wire on the Siltechs, matches the connectors well.

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Hi fred, where did u get these plug?

Originally Posted by Fred_fred2004 View Post

I use these with a bit of heat shrink, not perfect but functional






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You can get them from Qables... :-)

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Originally Posted by palchiu View Post

Just finish my cable for HD6xx


Not beautiful finish


The Siltechs are heavy cables... but sound nice very_evil_smiley.gif

Wow! Impressive Senn Cable there Palchiu ;) What gauge are those Siltech conductors?

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Originally Posted by HiGHFLYiN9 View Post


Wow! Impressive Senn Cable there Palchiu ;) What gauge are those Siltech conductors?



I can't found it's spec, but they're not problem into Cardas's connector.


I think they're 4x20AWG or smaller gauge.(20~22AWG)

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Hi all, some good looking cables throughout this thread! Have trolled back quite some number of pages now and picked up a few ideas. I realise that this isn't really a discussion thread so apologies in advance, but there is a lot of expertise here that i'd like to mine if possible. I'm looking at making a new cable for my JHA16s. I found in another thread a place to get the terminators from, but in terms of the cable, do you guys think this setup will be ok? I have to buy most of my stuff online cause i'm in australia and there seems to be very few local suppliers

terminators for the IEMs

silver cable in a quad braid then split into twisted cable from the Y split

heatshrink the cables to provide a bit of protection (will this make the cables too rigid?)

pailiccs 3.5mm plugor is there any real benefit of going for a viablue?

cover the entire cable with sleeving (size should be ok?)


any input into how to do the y-split would be appreciated. I saw the qables one, but a 5mm hole is just too big for what i want. was thinking of getting a small amount of plastic tubing and hot gluing the junction inside then adhesive shrink wrap the outside.

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Good stuff but I would skip the techflex. It will make it more bulky and it will give you microphonics for sure.

Good find on the silver wire btw! There is not much talk on stranded pure silver wire. Most of it is SPC. I might get some of it for my headphones.


EDIT: a better idea imo would be to twist the four wires together and sleeve it in nylon.

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Thanks for the feedback. The nylon that you're talking about is the solid nylon (like what power and usb cables look like) or a braided one? The only braided cables I can find seem to be of the flexible kind and i really do like the look of it. Will the heat-shrink over the entire cable not reduce microphonics from the braided cable? Otherwise I might look at either having a nude cable or just cover the entire thing in heat shrink if that won't cause any problems with flexibility.

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oh, i see.. that techflex one is polyester. can anyone link me a good / cheap place hat will send to australia for some nylon flexo? i saw they make kevlar one too which is interesting.. anyone have experience with it? does it cause microphonics too?

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Ebay seller furryletters. :-)

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I'm looking for cable similar in size and quality to Canare L-4E5C (23awg mic cable) for my girlfriend.  She prefers purple, but I can't seem to find any sold by the foot.  Is this product line obsolete?  

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According to canares website L-4E5C does not come in the color purple.  In fact I don't think anything but black is standard for the mini 4E5C but you can buy black by the foot here http://www.redco.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=28&cat=Canare+Quad+Microphone+Cable

also by the foot in multiple colors here http://www.markertek.com/Cables/Bulk-Wire-Cable/Bulk-Audio-Cable/Canare-Corporation-Of-America/L-4E5C-BK.xhtml


You really didn't look very hard at all did you? :P I found these by just typing L-4E5C in google.

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I was asking about purple, but thanks?  redface.gif  Like I said, it doesn't have to be L-4E5C.

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I suspect it never came in purple so ;O pick again? at least according to canares chart.  The full sized one comes in purple...

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Hey guys, I've got a question. This is more of a "what if" than a "I'm going to buy this and try it out".


This seller sells Silver wire, but it's not covered with anything. If you use a cotton sheath (or any other type of sheath, really) would it be possible to use this wire as an IC or headphone cable? It says it's 99.999% pure, so it should work, right?


Again, just out of curiosity.

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