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But still, it is doable and there are different pockets, not just trousers pocket;)

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Custom nylon/PVC sleeving, 3.5mm rhodium plated carbon fiber, 3x 22 gauge pure silver 105 strand occ Teflon wire.
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Originally Posted by WAAM View Post

I`ve always wondered why someone, who has found "perfect" setup for regular use, doesn`t open up the gear and make IC between stacked DAC and AMP or DAP? 

Less details outside rig = less trouble and stuck situations (pockets).

Don't think I'd have the skills for that hahaha, plus I don't keep the "stack" in my pocket as I always transport them in a zippered soft pouch.


I think my stack is what some would call "transportable" rig

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I'm new to this sub, but i've been wanting to make a cable for a while, despite knowing very little about electrical engineering and such. I've glazed over some post here but everything looked too complicated. Today, while I passed the heat shrink tubing aisle at Fry's electronics, I stopped and thought, "What the heck, let's give it a shot."


Anyways, here is my first cable! :) It's only a few inches long because I needed a shorter cable to connect my O2 amp to my PC front jack. The one I had before was too long and looked ugly hanging off of my computer. (This might potentially be a good portable rig cable).


This is an amalgamation of a cable that had bad wires, and another cable that had bad connectors.


Despite only having an old radio shack soldering iron, some scrap parts, and a cheap harbor freight multimeter. I think it came out rather well. (Oh, and the heat shrink tubing is supposed to be clear. But I got frustrated looking for a lighter and ended up using a candle. Hence the smoked tubing, and the mess that's not on camera, lol :rolleyes:).



Oh! And, yes, it works. :D 

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My fancy pansy cables and the system

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Where did you source them conductors?
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wow nice setup

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i don't come here very often, but when i do, i'm always blown away by the great cables i see here. nice job guys...now to fine me my next project...

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My first ever DIY cable. Took me a couple of hours, it works but tragedy strikes at the end, One of the connectors having QC issue and is very loose....
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What connectors are you using there at the headphones? They look nice (and I want some hehe).

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Cardas Cable
Black Parracord
Hand stitched Y splitter, then add ranko 2.5mm balanced plug housing.
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