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My custom LOD from fiio lod pin, mixed brand silver coated 6 strand cables, with OEM jack.

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Custom cable for my Audio-Technica R70x. Made from Canare L-4E5C, Y-split made with self-adhesive heat shrink and the legs "sleeved" with silicone tubing. 


Terminated with a pair of locking 2.5mm connectors from AliExpress and a Neutrik/REAN 3.5mm.


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Newest cable, a rare to find so i made them! I must say quite proud of this one! Its used with a sony zx2 to connect to either the alo cdm, the chord hugo and the chord mojo!
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Trying to make an adapter for MMCX to sony's proprietary ex1000 connector! What a pain. I'm starting to think butchering a cable is my only way to get those connectors. Is it just a single signal wire + ground?
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Thats my latest cable. Neotech NEI-3004 and KLEI Copper Harmony plugs. Sounds wonderfull :D

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Starting to create some of my own designs for custom audio cables, these are full treated ashwood. If you're interested I've made a few extra and you can send me a PM.



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Warm and elegant. I love it.
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The latest cable I made for my JH ciems.

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8 strand square braid, 0.8 spc wire


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8 strand square braid, 0.8 spc wire can you elaboate a bit or show sone closeups? "8 strand"? Do u mean 8 (.8) wires or one .8 wire has 8 individual strands inside? Also wanba check out that braid very interested in that one! I can do 4 no problem and have done 6 a few times but i hear 8 is almost impossible without a braiding machine?

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it is 8 (0.8) wires braided like this http://www.seekyee.com/Slings/howtos/8strand1.htm and after the y split is the same but with 4 wires for side
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^good link.  That's the technique I followed with great results.

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I find it in the diy cable question e discussion thread in this section wink.gif
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