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Originally Posted by Canadian411 View Post

Is this mini XLR ?

then go here,


$4 each per connector,and shipping using USPS First-Class Mail® International Large Envelope is about $3-$4 depending where you are in Canada.

Those Switchcraft connectors are actually very easy to find locally, and not pay shipping, no need to order them from the states.
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I have used those and they are great for the price:







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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

Will do Bro!


Only my implementation will be a little DIY and not as finished as yours would be. All I have for the receptacle is the PCB mount with standard hex nuts and no fancy beveled finish nut. I can't find the beveled nuts online either, they would have a Lemo part number but I don't know what that would be or where to get them.


I'm sure they'll turn out great man.

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Originally Posted by cCasper TFG View Post

I'm excited to see this on the T50RP! You better fill my notification feed with pictures buddy. Anyway, can you take some pictures of the inside of the cup afterwards? I'd like to see how the Lemo chassis mounts on the inside. 


These are the 3pin redco mini xlr ($3.95)
On my t50 rp
I tend to go form over function
On this stuff I'm going for durability mainly
I'd love to see a fancied up version
I think mad dog does a nice job
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