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Originally Posted by FraGGleR View Post

If you use coax connectors and coax cable, then you shouldn't have to worry too much.  I haven't looked much into solderless designs, but there should be some that also have a solderless spot for ground if you would like to stick with braided cables.  To be honest, I am surprised Viablue didn't give you a place to ground unless they were intended for coax cable that was thick.  If you want to stick to OCC wire, but are going coax, Neotech makes some good looking cable for pretty reasonable prices.  Neotech makes a lot of the wires you see available for DIY cable makers.


One option you could try is to strip more of the insulation off and wrap the ground wire around one of the ribs.  Maybe a touch of hotglue to secure it a little, but is still removeable if needed. 

Great ideas thanks! I thought about wrapping the ground wire around a rib but was concerned that the

shell would make contact with the wire after its screwed on...


Even with a coax cable I'm still unsure of how solid the ground connection would be.... does anybody

have any experience with this type of solderless RCA?  I think some other brands use a very similar

setup.  It would make infinitely more sense to have a set screw for the ground as well like you mentioned.


I'm starting to lean towards soldering the ground on these plugs regardless of coax or braid.


I blew a speaker driver thanks to the lousy ground connection!  Amp was on - volume up - source was

not playing - I walked into my apartment and my footsteps were heavy enough to shake the cables -

BOOM some horrible static through the speakers... driver was shot!


The solderless concept seems really cool - change out your cables... no work no mess... one less

joint in the chain... make cables with a screwdriver! 


I really want to love these viablue solderless rca's but until I can figure out a way to achieve a solid

ground connection I'm leaning towards soldering them.


Oh and thanks for the tip on the neotech cable - thats sum goooood stuff!

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Moon Audio Black Dragon 12' headphone extension

Neutrik locking jack - Viablue 1/4" plug




Double Helix Nucleotide RCA splitter

Switchcraft plugs n jacks





Grado SR225 Cable Moon Audio Blue Dragon

Viablue 1/4" - Clear heatshrink




Nucleotide Interconnects

Viablue Solderless RCA's




pics of those viablue solderless are here for reference

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Posting some picture for Peter........Double Helix Cables Fusion, 6 feef of beautiful cable made from the new Fusion wire, and dressed in Yew Audio Neutrik plug and Y splitter that Clint made from exotic spalted curly maple that I hand picked for the grain resemplance of the silver and copper DHC Fusion wire, as the plug and Y split are rotated!


Pictured on my Sennheiser HD580's mint.  The Fusion brings the bass of copper, and the smooth detailed sounds of silver.  Now, I have many cables made from DHC Peptide, DHC Peptide Hybrid and DHC Nucleotide, but this one tops them all.  A pretty wire to look at, with a memorable stunning sound that performs like magic.  I can't find the words to describe how wonderful this wire sounds.  My HD580's have the bass of the HD650's and the beautiful treble of my beloved Beyerdynamics DT880 600 ohm.  Like having the best of two headphones in one.  The cable still needs some burn in, but I am already enjoying the extreme detail, clarity, huge soundstage, and precise imaging.


Thanks to Peter for the sample!  Enjoy the pictures, the cable really deserves a better camera, but you get the idea!






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Originally Posted by cCasper TFG View Post




28 AWG Silver Teflon Wire

That looks great. Did you take any pictures of the process? I'm thinking about recabling my 990 pros and just want to make sure I have everything right. 

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Have you taken your 990s apart yet? It's pretty self explanatory after you see where the wires are connected to the drivers. Take the old ones off with a soldering iron and then solder the new wires on and route them. Well, route them and then solder them on. Haha I can put some pictures up later on when I'm home if you want though.
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Looks good, I like the painted cups too.  

Originally Posted by cCasper TFG View Post




28 AWG Silver Teflon Wire

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I just traded them for a pair of HD580's :)

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 I Repair Broken Athena TF10 Cable.


Rebuild pin connector using silver argentium.

Rebraids Y splitter~up to the pin and reshrink

Resolder jack

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Some Custom USB cables I made this morning








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A micro- micro otg made of cheap cables, the last one I made broke so I added some rigid plastic tube over the heat-shrink

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Dont laugh too much guys, Frank at Toxic Cables was kind enough to send me free OCC Copper wire with my last wire purchase, so I decided to recable my fav throw around phone the Panasonic HTF 600, I use this as my desktop phone for now..


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I updated my Sennheiser Momentum cable from 3 wire, single-ended, removable to 4 wire, balanced, hard-wired:




Project summary:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/665153/sennheiser-momentum-balanced-mod

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Fraggler you make the best cables out there, got to give you props on getting each indivdual wire sleeved too.

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Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

Fraggler you make the best cables out there, got to give you props on getting each indivdual wire sleeved too.

Thanks! It's the power of the paracord!
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LOD for Imod - RCA(capacitors in plug rca)


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